Individual Counseling


Our goal is to educate parents on how to get your student to college and for students to learn how to present themselves in the best way possible to gain admission.


Individual Counseling

Whether this is your first student or your last going off to college, the application process can be complicated. Let CollegeBound Counseling prepare students to get results! We provide all aspects of college advising including; finding the right college match, application submission, essay critique, and assistance with financial aid and scholarships. We do not contact admissions offices on behalf of a student and we cannot guarantee admission to a particular college. The promise to do so violates counseling ethics and good practices. Students are encouraged to apply broadly to find the best match.

I would not have gotten into the schools I did without Jen and Teresa’s guidance of the college application process. They offered me priceless advice for me to write the best essays possible. My essays were what made me stand out, and that is all thanks to them.  Jake L.-UCLA

  • Customized Evaluation
  • Action Plan
  • College Match
  • Critique of personal statements
  • Help with financial aid and scholarships